Crypto tax in Australia

We have partnered with KPMG to make tax time a breeze with the crypto tax estimator.
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If you trade on other exchanges, you can import your trades into the Crypto Tax Estimator.

In addition to the KPMG Tax Estimator, if you run an SMSF you can export reports that integrate directly with BGL. Alternatively, you can download a CSV or PDF of all of your transactions.

Most of the time (for ordinary investors) the ATO treats buying and selling cryptocurrency in the same way it treats buying and selling of shares. That means a CGT event occurs every time you dispose of your cryptocurrency. Which includes trading it for another cryptocurrency. If you make a profit on the sale or trade of a cryptocurrency, then some, or all, of the gain may be taxed.

The rules are different depending on whether you bought the cryptocurrency as an investment, or if you acquired it to use in the same way as fiat money to pay for goods and services. If you’re carrying on a business in cryptocurrency, or you’re a professional trader, there are different rules again and we suggest you seek professional assistance.

Note: This is automatically done for you in the report.
Cryptocurrency SGD Price Date
Btc Bitcoin
13,675 .98
Eth Ethereum
336 .60
Xrp Ripple
0 .26321
Usdt Tether USD
1 .50435
Bch Bitcoin Cash
335 .37
Bsv Bitcoin SV
226 .96
Ltc Litecoin
61 .23
3 .6295
Xlm Stellar Lumens
0 .09788
Etc Ethereum Classic
9 .05
Bat Basic Attention Token
0 .39094
Zrx 0x
0 .50144
Omg OMG Network
2 .2545
Gnt Golem
0 .09354
Rep Augur
30 .89
Pla PlayChip
0 .00022

Prices are the last trade of the financial year. Can be used for tax calculation of the value of your crypto
holding for the purposes of reporting to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

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