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    Over 8,000 SMSFs trust Independent Reserve to purchase and secure crypto.
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    Detailed reporting and taxation tools to ensure your SMSF is compliant.
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    Access insurance for your crypto assets held with Independent Reserve.
  • Secure

    Your crypto is secured in encrypted, geo-dispersed data centres and top tier underground vaults.
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    Make large over-the-counter (OTC) trades for your preferred cryptocurrency through our VIP service desk.
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    Buy crypto your way. Set limit orders on your purchases, use our OTC desk or dollar cost average (DCA) your way in.
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    Create account
    Simply create an account with Independent Reserve and choose “Super Fund” as your designated account type.
  • 02
    Verify your account
    You will then be prompted to complete identity verification. Documents required to create an SMSF account include:
    • SMSF name
    • SMSF trust deed document
    • SMSF ABN
    • SMSF trustee information, including ACN and director/beneficial owner information if a corporate trustee
    • Standard personal verification documents
  • 03
    Start trading with your SMSF account
    Once you have been successfully onboarded and verified by our support team, you will be ready to start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with your SMSF.
Create your SMSF account

Simplify your SMSF audit with our KPMG tax tool

Complete your yearly SMSF audit at the click of a button with our crypto tax estimator co-developed by KPMG. This digital tool plugs directly into your Independent Reserve account to enable SMSF holders to quickly estimate their tax obligations.

Users are provided with an estimate of their potential tax exposure in real-time, based on their buy/sell transactions on the exchange.


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    Voted Australia’s Best Digital Currency Exchange 2019
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  • The sole purpose test

    All SMSFs in Australia must pass the sole purpose test, which requires the SMSF funds to only be generating income that benefits the SMSF fund itself directly. No one (including trustees) can obtain a direct financial benefit when making investment decisions with fund money.
  • Storage

    Regular transfers of cryptocurrency can in some instances add further complications to SMSF audit processes as the location of all your funds needs to be accounted for. Independent Reserve recommends that if you decide to transfer your cryptocurrency off our platform, you minimise the number of wallets you send it to and keep detailed records of where it is.
  • Insurance

    Upgrade to a Premium Account and benefit from insurance. Premium Account holders also benefit from the highest levels of support and reduced trading fees on our platform.

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