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What is Kyber Network?

Kyber Network (KNC) is a decentralised protocol that allows users to seamlessly swap tokens without having to use centralised exchanges. Their platform provides a decentralised, on-chain exchange with no order book that gives you the ability to securely exchange ERC20 tokens instantly at a very low cost.

Selling Kyber Network

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  • Nick Addison
    Nick Addison

    As someone who has integrated to over 20 crypto exchanges via their APIs, I can say Independent Reserve has the best API documentation by far.

    Their customer support is also excellent which is something most exchanges sadly lack these days.

  • Lucas Cullen
    Lucas Cullen
    Blockchain developer

    I organise and host blockchain meetups and conferences and am always hearing very positive things when it comes to Independent Reserve which is why I always recommend them.

    They are by far the most trusted exchange in Australia for consumer trading as well as institutional investment, and offer a great 'open order book' unlike most other Australia exchanges.

  • Claire Wivell Plater
    Claire Wivell Plater
    Managing Director, The Fold Legal Pty Ltd

    I find Independent Reserve to be one of the easiest, smoothest cryptocurrency exchanges that I use.

    The client onboarding process was simple, it is easy to deposit funds and I particularly like the transparency of market depth and speed of execution.

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