Adam Tepper explains Bitcoin

It is truly a global currency that spans borders and can be sent across the world almost instantly.

Adam Tepper
Founding Partner

Independent Reserve was founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to transform cryptocurrency technology into secure, robust and regulated financial services, and do things the right way. Our foundation is a strong and experienced executive team, with a broad range of skills in corporate leadership, financial markets, software engineering and regulatory compliance.

Our Governance

Independent Reserve is a registered Singaporean company (201942383Z) based in Singapore .

Independent Reserve is overseen by an experienced advisory board, chaired by Michael Go, with over 25 years' experience as an executive in global markets.

Independent Reserve is an audited, Gold Certified member of Blockchain Australia, which represents the Cryptocurrency industry in Australia.

Independent Reserve is an audited, Gold Certified member of Blockchain Australia

Our Security

At Independent Reserve, we take the security of your digital assets very seriously. We are continuously working to enhance the extensive security measures we already have in place today.

The security measures we have in place cover the integrity and continuity of the Independent Reserve services, access controls to your trading account and the digital assets we hold on your behalf in our digital wallets.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to securing your trading accounts and your digital assets. We constantly seek to improve our security and processes to ensure you can trade with confidence now and into the future.

Our Data Integrity And Support

The Independent Reserve core servers are securely located at two Tier 3 data centres in Sydney, Australia. This allows us to synchronously replicate all data across both locations in real-time. This ensures zero data loss should one site have an outage.

We also have a fully functional back up of our production environment should the need arise.

Our customers’ privacy and personal data is important to us and we ensure that all your personal information is protected. All our data is signed and encrypted multiple times using geographically dispersed keys, spread across four data centres; ensuring your personal information is always secure.

Securing Your Digital Assets

You have trusted Independent Reserve to be your cryptocurrency trading exchange; and we take that trust and responsibility very seriously. There is nothing more important to us than ensuring your digital assets remain secure and available to you at all times.

Cold Storage

Cryptocurrencies are what is known as ‘bearer instruments’, meaning that whoever is the bearer (holder) of the private key for the digital asset is the owner. It is therefore imperative that the private keys are kept secure.

Independent Reserve employs ‘Cold Storage’ to store the overwhelming majority of digital assets. Our cold storage is secured by multi-layer encryption and kept on offline digital hardware storage devices. The hardware is stored in physical vaults in geographically diverse locations.

Each vault is secured by multiple levels of physical security as well as requiring biometric authentication of all persons accessing the vaults.

By using offline, multi-layer encryption in physical vaults, Independent Reserve is employing best in class security for your digital assets.

Our Foundation

Independent Reserve is the result of a fifteen year partnership between Adam Tepper and Adrian Przelozny. Specialists in digital platforms and security, they recognised the importance of Bitcoin from its inception and envisaged an exchange that made cryptocurrency easy to understand, use and trade by all people.

The company has since developed into one of Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges that boasts an all-star team including Lasanka Perera (COO) who has spent over a decade building regulated, financial services businesses and Roman Stefanidi (CTO) who has held senior technology roles at Westpac, Barclays Capital, Challenger and Credit Suisse.

Utilising their joint experience and expertise, Independent Reserve has achieved a number of milestones since being founded in 2013.

Unfortunately, Adam died six months after launch. In this rapidly evolving industry, Adam's vision drives us to set higher standards, make cryptocurrencies more accessible and ultimately be the premier Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia.

Contact Details

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